Facts on Sasha Pieterse’s Mother: Zizi Pieterse

Zizi Pieterse is the mother of South African-American actress Sasha Pieterse. She lived in Johannesburg, South Africa when her daughter was born. Zizi and her husband were professional acrobatic dancers and performed internationally, so they kept moving from one place to another.

Zizi Pieterse married Sean Pieterse and have been together for over twenty years.

Education and Career

Zizi Pieterse is a learned woman; she attended school at least up to the high school level. According to her Facebook account, she mentions that she attended Northern Highlands high school. However, it is unclear if she joined college or started her career as an acrobatic dancer. Zizi Pieterse partnered with Sean Pieterse, and they used to perform in several countries. The couple was based in South Africa in the 1990s before moving to Las Vegas in 2001.

It is unclear if Zizi Pieterse and her husband continued their career as acrobatic dancers or if they ventured into something else. However, Zizi Pieterse now owns a nail shop called Zi Art Nails; you can find more details about the salon on her Instagram account.

Her Daughter’s Acting Career

Zizi Pieterse’s daughter began acting as a child actor; when she was four, she had already started appearing in television commercials. Zizi was very supportive of her daughter’s acting career and was one reason why they relocated to the United States so she could continue with her acting career.

Sasha Pieterse is better known for playing Alison DiLaurents in the drama series Pretty Little Liars. Her other television projects include Family Affair, Dancing with the Stars, Heroes, Sugar Rush Christmas, and Beat Bobby Flay. Zizi Pieterse has supported her daughter’s acting career and sometimes attends important events.

Is Zizi Pieterse’s Daughter Married?

Sasha Pieterse is married; she tied the knot with the love of her life Hudson Sheaffer. They dated for a long time before they got married in 2018. The couple has one child, a son named Hendrix Wade Sheaffer, making Zizi Pieterse a grandmother.

Net Worth of Sasha Pieterse

Zizi Pieterse’s daughter has made a fortune through her acting career; given that she started acting as a child, she has amassed much wealth. Her net worth is approximately 2 million dollars. Given her wealth, she can offer her mother financial support if need be; however, Zizi is a business lady and can take care of her bills.

Social Media

Zizi Pieterse is active on social media platforms and on Instagram and Facebook. However, she is not on Twitter. She uses her Instagram account to market her work but does not have a large following. Even though Zizi Pieterse has not posted much on her Instagram page, you can tell how close they are; she published her on her birthday and mentioned how much she loved her

Zizi’s daughter is also active on social media, especially Instagram; Sasha has over 16 million followers on Instagram and likes sharing videos and photos with her fans. However, she rarely posts pictures of her mother.