Wilma Bradshaw Allen, Personal Life and Net Worth

Wilma Bradshaw Allen is one of those fortunate mothers who gained publicity and stardom in the world because of their children. Best recognized for being the mother of American Emmy award-nominated actress, Chandra Wilson, Wilma Bradshaw Allen is a celebrity mother.

Today, we are here to unfold the details about personal life, childhood, siblings, education, profession, parents, children, love life, net worth, and other such details about Wilma Bradshaw Allen.

Personal life

Owing to the fact that the main reason for the popularity of Wilma Bradshaw Allen is her daughter, the early life of Wilma Bradshaw Allen remains a secret only to the public. From the names of her parents to her date of birth, you will not get information on anything.

The personal life of Wilma Bradshaw Allen is not an exception either. Not even the name of Wilma Bradshaw Allen’s husband is known. Given this fact, we believe that Wilma Bradshaw Allen did not enjoy much marital bliss in her life.

Parents and siblings

You obviously can’t expect any confirmed information on the parents and siblings of Wilma Bradshaw Allen, as her early life details are known to herself only. The mother of the actress never talked openly about her family background.


 Here again, there is no surety in the number of kids Wilma Bradshaw Allen has. However, there is information available about one daughter of hers named Chandra Wilson, who is a renowned American actress today and has achieved significant professional success. Wilma Bradshaw Allen played a very significant role in making her daughter what she is today.

Education and profession

Like many other life details, you will not get any confirmed confirmation on the education of Wilma Bradshaw Allen as well. Wilma Bradshaw Allen never came open regarding her personal life and this is the reason that everything is just a mystery to the public. If you talk about her profession, she was a postal worker and probably the breadwinner of her family because there is no mention of her husband.

Reason for the popularity of Wilma Bradshaw Allen

The whole credit for the popularity of Wilma Bradshaw Allen goes to her daughter, Chandra Wilson, who is very special to her mother and shares a very close bonding with her. It’s only Wilma Bradshaw Allen who instilled the multi-talents in her daughter.

Net worth of Wilma Bradshaw Allen

As you know that Wilma Bradshaw Allen was a postal worker by profession at a young age, you can say that she would not have a huge amount of money in her life. However, today, she is getting all the luxury in her life because of her daughter, Chandra Wilson, who has an estimated net worth of around 10 million, which she has accumulated through her successful acting career.


Though people could see only the success of the daughter of Wilma Bradshaw Allen, it’s Wilma Bradshaw Allen who played a significant role behind the scenes in shaping the career of her daughter. She is truly a dedicated mother.