Every Detail About Carey Mulligan’s Son: Wilfred Mumford

Wilfred Mumford is a celebrity child; her mother is Carey Mulligan, an English actress, while her father, Marcus Mumford, is a singer, record producer, and songwriter. Wilfred was born in 2017 and had an older sister named Evelyn Grace Mumford. Though Wilfred’s parents are celebrities, they have managed to keep him away from the cameras; besides, they rarely post him on their social media accounts.

Wilfred’s Parents’ Love Story

Carey and Marcus Mumford knew each other from childhood, but along the way, they lost contact with each other because of distance. They reconnected as adults, each having accomplished something in their careers, and soon started dating. Wilfred’s parents married in 2012 and have been together since. They are parents to two children they love. Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford are happy, as they’re no rumors of separation.

His Mother

Wilfred’s mother started her acting career in 2004; he appeared in the stage play Forty Winks. In 2005, she made her film debut, appearing as Kitty Bennet in Pride & Prejudice; she made her television debut in the same year portraying Ada Clare in Bleak House. In 2006, Wilfred’s mother had a role in Agatha Christie’s Marple, Trial & Retribution, and The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard.

In her early acting career, she made an impact and received some nominations, including a Drama Desk Award for her role in the play The Seagull. Wilfred’s mother landed her significant role in 2009 when she was the lead actor in the movie An Education.

Since her breakthrough, Carey Mulligan has appeared in several television shows and films. She portrayed Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby. Her other projects include The Dig, She Said, My Grandparents’ War.

His Mother’s Philanthropic Work

Besides acting, Wilfred’s mother is also involved in philanthropy; she has been part of an organization that raises awareness of sex trafficking. She is also part of an Alzheimer’s organization that raises awareness of the disease and provides funds for clients with the condition.

About Wilfred’s Father

Wilfred Mumford’s father has been in the entertainment industry since 2007. He started his music career in college; he later played drums for artists like Laura Marling. Wilfred’s father is a member of the Mumford & Sons band, and they have released several songs. Besides composing songs, he is a producer; his work includes Gamble for a Rose by King Charles and Christian Letts’ Hold Fast.

Net Worth of His Parents

Wilfred’s parents have both been successful in their careers. His mother has been acting since 2004 and has achieved critical success as an actress. Wilfred’s mother’s net worth is approximately 8 million. Wilfred’s father also has made a fortune as a musician, and the young celebrity kid is probably living a comfortable life.

Social Media

Wilfred’s parents are active on social media platforms but rarely post pictures of their son on Instagram or any other social media page. They prefer their son to live a life away from the spotlight and want to keep it that way until he is old enough to make his own decisions.