Violet Papini Biography

Violet Papini is the daughter of Sherri Papini and Keith Papini. Violet Papini is best known thanks to the information and popularity available about her parents, especially her mother, who has a history of faking her kidnap. To learn more about Violet Papini’s mother, keep reading the article.

Who is Violet Papini’s Mother

Violet Papini’s mother is Sherri Papini. Violet’s mother got married in 2009 to Keith Papini, and the couple has a daughter called Violet, and their son is Tyler Papini. Sherri was previously married to David Dreyfus, but they divorced in 2007.

Unlike most people who are famous for their careers or other good deeds, Violet’s mother is infamous for her false kidnapping story that surprised people.

Sherri was born on June 12, 1982. Her ethnicity is white, and her religion is Christianity. Sherri’s birth place is California, United States. She is an internet personality, media face, and entrepreneur for her profession.

She received her education from a public school alongside her brother. She later enrolled in Central Valley. Her father is Richard Graeff, a decorated businessman. Her mother is Sheila Koester. Sherri has a sister called Sheila Koaster.

Violet’s Mother’s Measurements and Physical Appearance

Sherri has an approximate height of 1.60 meters. Her approximate weight is 52 kg, and he shoe size is 7 US. Sherri’s eye color is blue, and her hair color is blonde.

Sherri Papini Controversial Kidnapping Case

After her controversial kidnapping case, Sherri quickly became infamous on November 2, 2016. She went lost while jogging in Redding, California. When her spouse returned home from work, he noticed that Sherri was missing. After trying to find her and failed attempts to contact her, he reported the case to the police.

Moreover, he printed out numerous posters to request the public to help him trace where Sherri was. 22 days later. Sherri was discovered in Yolo County, almost 150 miles from where she stayed with her husband.

While explaining her case, Sherri said she had been kidnapped by two Hispanic women who wore masks to disguise their faces. Further, she said the women shoved her into a moving car, and she couldn’t identify them.

When she was discovered, she had a broken nose. Moreover, her hair was cut-off, and the two pieces of evidence helped ascertain that she had been kidnapped. Her kidnapping story made her get rewarded with $30,000 as compensation from the California Victim’s Compensation Board.

After the police investigated her kidnapping case, they discovered that she had lied about her being kidnapped, yet that wasn’t the case. The authorities discovered that Sherri had been with her ex-boyfriend for 22 days and claimed she had been kidnapped.

When Sherri admitted that her kidnapping case was made-up, she was arrested for lying to the federal agent. She signed a $120,000 bond and surrendered her passport on March 9, 2022.

Her case awaits a final verdict, and she risks getting a jail term of up to 25 years or an equivalent fine of $500,000.