Tragedy & Survival of Georgette Eva Light

We all know the famous titanic story through the movie by James Cameron. Eva Georgette Ettie Light was a titanic survivor. She traveled in third class aboard the RMS Titanic on April 10 at Southampton, England, along with his son Bertram Vere Dean, husband Bertram Frank Dean, and infant daughter Millvina Dean. In this article, let’s learn more about this family and their survival in the RMS Titanic.

What Happened with Georgette and Her Family?

Georgette’s husband, Bertram Frank Dean, decided to move to Wichita, Kansas, in 1912 since he had family and friends and a house of their own. He had intended to start a tobacconist business. Bertram bought his family’s ticket on the third-class line in exchange for selling his bar. Originally scheduled to travel on another White Star ship, they were switched to Titanic.

Georgette was awakened by her husband, who claimed to have felt a crash the night the ship sank. After leaving the terrace, he returned and instructed her to dress herself and the kids in warm clothing. The family moved in the direction of the lifeboats.

When Georgette finally reached a lifeboat, she allegedly lost sight of her son. However, she was comforted by the knowledge that her husband was still on the Titanic searching for him and would join him in the last lifeboat. Her spouse had promised to meet her later. On the Carpathia, she was reunited with her son Bertram, but she lost her husband in the sinking, and his body was never found.

Who was Georgette’s Daughter?

After the Titanic’s wreck was discovered in 1985 and when Georgette’s daughter Millvina attended a memorial service in Southampton on the 75th anniversary of the catastrophe in 1987, she kept her identity as one of the survivors of the Titanic tragedy a secret. She rose to fame as “the woman who survived” and became a celebrity. She started receiving numerous requests from the media for interviews, and she complied with most of them. Everyone was interested in hearing her story because she was the last surviving member of her family.

Did Georgette Survive?

She and her children were sent to a hospital to recover after arriving in New York on the Carpathia. They sacrificed all dreams of establishing a new life in Kansas and sailed back to London on the Adriatic. Georgette relocated to the New Forest, close to Southampton, to live with her parents. She received a pension of 23 shillings per week for caring for her children until they were 18 and £40 from an emergency relief fund.

When Did Georgette Eva Die?

Ettie had remarried in 1920 to Leonard Burden, the farm vet of her parents, and they had a happy relationship. Ettie died on September 16, 1975, at 96, while her son Bertram Vere Dean died in 1992 at 81.


The British passenger liner RMS Titanic, at the time the largest ship, was arguably the epitome of extravagance and elegance. With hundreds of emigrants from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Scandinavia, and other parts of Europe hoping to start a new life in the United States, it carried some of the wealthiest and most aristocratic people in the world.