Tiburelo Medina Personal Life, Facts, & More

Tiburelo Medina was the father of Lina Medina, the youngest mother in history. His daughter has made way for him to attain recognition. On the other hand, people around the globe were curious about figuring out how a kid could be pregnant and become a mother. In this situation, Lina’s father caught the eye of the media.

As the title suggests, it will put forward notifications about Tiburelo Medina. However, his daughter, Lina, is the crucial reason for his popularity. So a brief segment will also be adjoined about her.

Early Life And Family

Tiburelo Medina was married to Victoria Losea. The couple had nine children, and Lina was one of them.

Excluding this, nothing else can be accumulated about Tiburelo Medina and his family members. However, after his daughter’s pregnancy, several controversies arose, which unfolded numerous narratives about him.


Tiburelo Medina was a silversmith and used to lead a normal lifestyle with his family.


Did Lina get pregnant because of her father? Did he rape her? No ethical evidence was there which could prove whether Tiburelo Medina was involved in this curriculum or not. Nonetheless, Peruvian law stated that before turning five, Lina was raped by somebody, which has to lead to her pregnancy.

Nevertheless, during the investigation, Lina never disclosed her father’s identity. She also never tried to elucidate the circumstances she had faced before her fifth birthday. It might be possible that she couldn’t acknowledge the condition she was encountering. On suspicion, the authorities arrested Tiburelo Medina on the charges of sexual abuse, but due to inappropriate shreds of evidence, he was released.

Tiburelo’s Daughter And Her Net Worth

Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado, AKA Lina Medina, is the youngest mother. She was born on 23rd September 1933 in Ticrapo, Castrovirreyna Province, Peru. Almost at the age of 5, her parents noticed the raised abdominal size. With a proper diagnosis, they comprehended that Lina was pregnant. After an elaborated medical estimation, the examiners stated that Lina was pregnant due to precocious puberty.

Lina Medina gave birth to his son on 14th May 1939 by cesarean section. After the child’s birth, her doctors exclaimed that she had entirely developed sex organs and could live like an adult. At 10, her son Gerardo figured out that Lina was his mother. Nonetheless, he lost his life at 40 in 1979 due to a bone marrow disorder.

Later, Lina Medina started working in the Lima clinic of Lozada as secretary to provide livelihood and education to her son. In 1972 she had her second child after getting married to Raúl Jurado in 1970. Currently, Lina is away from the media and doesn’t appreciate any interference in her personal life.

According to sources, Lina Medina has a net worth of around 5 million dollars.

Tiburelo Medina’s Net Worth

Regardless of knowing Tiburelo Medina’s method of income, his total net worth isn’t known. However, no such data can be accumulated concerning this subject, as no proper verification can be assembled.


Hopefully, the mentioned segments will clear the ideology about Tiburelo Medina and his daughter, Lina. As his daughter never criticized her father about her in any circumstance. So the audience should subtract the concept from their brain that Tiburelo Medina has assaulted Lina.