Stephen Joseph Pelzer, Personal Life and Net Worth

Stephen Joseph Pelzer is a celebrity father, who is known to the world today because of his famous son, Dave Pelzer, a famous American fictional author. The famous son of Stephen Joseph Pelzer hardly talks about him but he managed to gain some stardom because of him.

Today, we will tell you all the life details of Stephen Joseph Pelzer including his early life, family, siblings, education, profession, net worth, siblings, love life, children, and many other such details.

Personal life

With the fact that Stephen Joseph Pelzer is a celebrity father, not at all any information is available about his early life. Questions like when he was born and what are the names of his parents are still a secret to the public. As for the nationality of Stephen Joseph Pelzer, he was an American.

Speaking of the love life of Stephen Joseph Pelzer, he was married to Catherine Roerva. Other than the name of his wife, nothing is available about his married life like when he married and how long their marriage lasted. However, one thing is sure that the married life of Stephen Joseph Pelzer was not very blissful because his wife was very abusive to him as well as to his kids.

If you talk about the death of Stephen Joseph Pelzer, according to some sources, Stephen Joseph Pelzer died during the 1980s.

Parents and siblings

We have already told you that the family background of Stephen Joseph Pelzer has not been revealed to the public. This is the reason that finding out any significant information about his parents as well as siblings is not possible.


How many kids Stephen Joseph Pelzer exactly had is not really known. There is information available about his two children and they are Dave Pelzer and Richard B. Pelzer. His son, Dave Pelzer, is today an acclaimed American author.

Education and profession

Considering the fact that much of the life details of Stephen Joseph Pelzer are still under wraps, it does not come as a surprise that there is no information available on his education. If you talk about his profession, he is said to be a fireman. However, neither Stephen Joseph Pelzer nor his famous son confirmed this.

Reason for the popularity of Stephen Joseph Pelzer

This is pretty obvious that the only reason for the popularity of Stephen Joseph Pelzer is his son, Dave Pelzer, who has emerged to be a successful personality after having a very abusive childhood. The life story of his son is literally an inspiration for many people who are going through child abuse.

Net worth of Stephen Joseph Pelzer

With the fact that Stephen Joseph Pelzer was a Fireman, it can be estimated that he must not have had a huge amount of money in his life. As far as the net worth of his famous son is concerned, he is estimated to have around 1.5 million.


Stephen Joseph Pelzer had a struggling life and, when he could enjoy the luxury and comfort because of his son, he died. Unfortunately, he has not got good luck.