Robbie Lynn Speck Family, Personal Life, and More

Robbie Lynn Speck is the daughter of a famous American murderer, Richard Speck, and Shirley Malone. Robbie receives a lot of attention because she is Richard’s only child. Thus, we are here to provide you with more information about her. Read this article to the bottom if you ask for more details about her family, career, and personal life. Here, we’ll review everything you need about her and her family.

Early Life of Robbie Lynn Speck

She doesn’t reveal her personal details to the public; thus, we don’t know when and where she was born. Regarding her educational background, little is known. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we receive this information.

Career Details of Robbie Lynn Speck

The details of Robbie’s professional life remain private. But, his father, Richard Benjamin Speck, was an American mass killer who stabbed, strangled, and slashed the throats of eight student nurses in their South Deering, Chicago, home. A victim was also raped before she was killed. Student nurse Corazon Amurao, the eighth possible victim, managed to survive by hiding under a bed.

Family Background of Robbie Lynn Speck

Nobody is aware of her mother, Shirley Malone’s personal details. Furthermore, Robbie’s grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Speck, worked as a packer for a Monmouth western stoneware company and worked as a farmer and a logger before this. Her grandmother was Mary Margaret Carbaugh Speck; however, little is known about her.

On her paternal side, Robbie Lynn Speck has uncles and aunts, including William Howard Speck and Robert Speck, who passed away in a road accident in 1952 at 23. She has three paternal aunts: Erma Clair Holeman, Carolyn Speck, Martha Thornton, and Sara Thornton. We couldn’t find personal details about them since they never revealed anything.

How Did Robbie’s Father Richard Die?

After complaining of severe chest problems, Speck was taken from Stateville Correctional Prison to Silver Cross Hospital in Joliet, Illinois. The day before his 50th birthday, Speck passed away from what was thought to be a heart attack. The cause of Speck’s fatal heart attack was most likely caused by his “enlarged heart, emphysema, and clogged arteries.”  Speck was cremated, and his ashes were scattered in an undiscovered area near Joliet.

The Assassination by Richard Speck

Speck broke into the townhouse in Chicago’s Jeffery Manor area on July 13, 1966. The mansion served as a dorm for aspiring nurses. He entered and killed Gloria Davy, Patricia Matusek, Nina Jo Schmale, Pamela Wilkening, Suzanne Farris, Mary Ann Jordan, Merlita Gargullo, and Valentina Pasion with only a knife.

Speck may have intended to carry out an ordinary burglary before later claiming he was intoxicated and high on narcotics. After holding the women captive in the room for several hours, he led each one of them outside and killed them with a knife or a rope. He then raped and killed Gloria Davy, age 22, before killing the last woman.

Final Wordings

Since Robbie Lynn Speck is the daughter of Richard Speck, she has always been the center of attention and has faced problems due to her father’s crimes. She likes to remain private to avoid media interaction, so we don’t have much information about her right now.