Recalling Life of Clara Marie Ramey Webb

The parents of Clara Marie Webb (née Ramey) were Nathaniel Lewis Ramey and Sarah E. Ramey. She was born in Kentucky on the 15th day of the month of 1912. Lynn recalled the passing of her own mother, Clara Marie Ramey Webb, in 1981. In the post, the well-known singer also said how she has six children of her own.

Marriage and Children

At the age of 15, Clara wed Melvin “Ted” Webb in Kentucky in 1928. On June 6, 1906, in Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, Melvin was born. He worked as a farmer, storekeeper, and coal miner.
Loretta Lynn, Crystal Gayle, Jay Lee Webb, Peggy Sue, Melvin Webb, Herman Webb, Donald Webb and Betty Ruth Webb made up their brood of 8.
At age 48, Clara later wed Thomas Butcher in Indiana on the first day of the month of 1960.

Recollecting the Memories

Even though Loretta Lynn hasn’t seen her mother in more than 40 years, she is nonetheless missed on Mother’s Day. If their mothers are still alive today, she urged her followers to give them a firm embrace. She referred to her mother Clara as “the best mommy in the world” and said that it was from her that she had learned to sing. Clara helped to shape Loretta Lynn’s legendary career, so on Mother’s Day, her admirers can express their gratitude.

Conveying Love by Daughter

Loretta Lynn wished all the mothers a “Happy Mother’s Day” on Instagram. “Give yours a kiss and tell her you love her today, if you have one. The world’s best mother was my mother. She offered me the best advice, she taught me to sing, and she developed into a reliable friend. I realise now, many years later, that my children are my closest friends. Nothing compares to being a mother. The finest life is being a mom. Friends, happy Mother’s Day! Being a mother makes me very happy.

Cause of Death

Mrs. Butcher was taken to Parkview Hospital in Nashville due to lung cancer-related issues. She had already had surgery to remove both halves of one lung and the other.


While Clara has a beautiful life, she was no more in the world in the year 1981 on the day of November 24. She took her last breath in Davidson county, Tennessee, USA. She was 69 when she died. Later, she was buried in Kentucky, USA in Van Lear, Johnson county.

Those who wish to find her shall reach out to the Webb Butcher Family Cemetery.

She Never Married Again

It’s very common for people in the modern age to remarry sooner or later after the death of their spouse. Honestly, many scholars don’t confirm that as a good act since that doesn’t show your true love to the dead. Clara was one of such lady who never married another man, which is no less than an act of a saint.


So far, we learned that Clara enjoyed a beautiful life with Melvin Bobb who was a coal miner. It’s sad to learn that Clara’s husband died way before her. Melvin died in the year 1959. But their love must have been eternal, which is why Clara never married again despite her husband’s death so early.