Oscar L. Brislis, Personal Life and Net Worth

Oscar L Brislis is a celebrity sibling, who is famous in the world as the deceased brother of American TV personality and actress, Lisa Wu. The thing that makes Oscar L Brislis popular even after his death is his successful sister, who is a big name in the American film industry.

Today, let us tell you all about Oscar L Brislis like his childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, earnings, net worth, age, married life, children, death, and many other such details.

Personal life

Considering the fact that Oscar L Brislis himself was not a celebrity, it does not come as a surprise that not at all any information is available about his birth details. However, we believe that he was born before 1971 because he was the older brother of Lisa Wu. As for the names of his parents, they were Stanley Wu and Victoria Brislis-Wu.

If you are curious to find out about the married life of Oscar L Brislis, let us burst your bubble with the fact that no information is available on that either. Neither Oscar L Brislis nor his celebrity sister ever talked about that. It is confirmed that Oscar L Brislis is dead today but at what age he died is not known.

Parents and siblings

Oscar L Brislis is one of nine children of his parents, Stanley Wu and Victoria Brislis-Wu. This is all known about his parents. From their personal lives to professional careers, not at all information is available about them. The same goes for the siblings of Oscar L Brislis. We know that Oscar L Brislis had 8 siblings but there is information available only about his famous actress sister Lisa Wu.


Owing to the fact that the personal life of Oscar L Brislis is a mystery, it is not known whether or not he has any kids.

Education and profession

The educational background of Oscar L Brislis is also a secret to the public because there has been no information revealed regarding this. The profession of Oscar L Brislis is not an exception in this case either. Even when he was alive, he never bothered to discuss his professional life.

Reason for the popularity of Oscar L Brislis

Hands down, the only reason for the popularity of Oscar L Brislis is his sister, Lisa Wu, who achieved success in the American film industry without the help of any Godfather. Though his sister never apparently talks about Oscar L Brislis but he is still known because of her.

Net worth of Oscar L Brislis

As you might expect, the earnings and the net worth of Oscar L Brislis are not known because there is no information available about his profession itself. As for the net worth of his actress sister, Lisa Wu, she is the proud owner of around 100 thousand, which she has earned through different endeavors.


The life of Oscar L Brislis always remained a mystery to the public because he never ever made public attention. However, he is a known personality today because of his celebrity sister.