The Life and Family of Nina Ohanian

The story of Nina Ohanian is one of a young girl born into a family of success, beauty, and glamour. As the daughter of the internationally renowned model Adriana Karembeu and the successful entrepreneur Aram Ohanian, Nina is growing up in a world of fame and fortune. This article delves into the life of Nina Ohanian and the family members who have shaped her upbringing.

Nina Ohanian’s Early Life

Nina Ohanian, whose exact birthdate is not publicly known, is the only child of her parents, Adriana Karembeu and Aram Ohanian. Born to a mother who was once the world’s longest-legged supermodel and a father with a successful business career, Nina has had a life filled with unique opportunities and experiences. Her childhood has been shaped by her parents’ dedication to providing a nurturing and loving environment for her to grow and thrive.


Adriana Karembeu

Adriana Karembeu, born on September 17, 1971, in Brezno, Slovakia, is a former supermodel who gained international fame for her stunning looks and incredible height. Standing at 6 feet 1 inch, Adriana held the Guinness World Record for the longest legs among female models. She has graced the covers of numerous magazines and appeared in advertising campaigns for prestigious brands like Victoria’s Secret and Wonderbra. Since retiring from modeling, Adriana has transitioned into a successful television career, hosting various shows and appearing as a guest on numerous programs.

Aram Ohanian

Aram Ohanian is a successful entrepreneur who married Adriana Karembeu in 2014. Although Aram prefers to maintain a low profile and avoid the limelight, he has played a significant role in providing a stable and loving home for his family.


Nina Ohanian has one aunt, Natalia Sklenaříková, who is the sister of her mother, Adriana Karembeu. Natalia has chosen to maintain a private life, and not much is known about her.

Nina Ohanian’s Career And Interests

As Nina Ohanian is still very young, her career and interests have not yet been defined. However, growing up in a family of accomplished individuals, she will undoubtedly have ample opportunities to pursue her passions and talents. It remains to be seen whether she will follow in her mother’s footsteps in the modeling and entertainment world or if she will carve her own path.

More About Nina Ohanian

Although Nina Ohanian’s life has been relatively private, it is clear that she is surrounded by a loving family that values her happiness and well-being. With the support and guidance of her parents, Nina has the opportunity to grow into a strong and successful individual who can make her own mark in the world.

In conclusion, Nina Ohanian’s life is a testament to the love and dedication of her family, who have provided her with a solid foundation for her future. As she continues to grow and develop, the world eagerly awaits the story that Nina Ohanian will write for herself.