Everything You Need to Know About Niki Lin Marino

Dan Marino’s daughter Niki Lin Marino is well-known for being a former American football quarterback. She was born to the quarterback and his wife, Claire, on December 15, 1996. Daniel Charles, Alexandra Claire, Lia, Chloe Savattere, Joseph Donald, and Michael Joseph Marino are Niki’s other six siblings. The youngest is Chloe, whom her father had in 2005 with a CBS employee.

Personal Life

Niki Lin Marino has kept her love life a mystery, and not much is known about her. Nonetheless, she most likely has a love partner. She might not have any children, though, as her father frequently uploads pictures of his growing family.

Education, Career, and Net Worth

There isn’t much information available online on Niki Lin Marino’s academic background. Yet, based on her age, it appears that she has completed her studies and is now concentrating on her work in order to at least support herself. Since Niki has kept her professional activities private, it is impossible to determine how much money she is worth.

The riches Niki’s father has accumulated via his football career and several business endeavors totals $50 million.

Her Father

Father of Niki Lin Marino first played baseball in high school before switching to football and enrolling at the University of Pittsburgh, where he spent four years playing collegiate football. Dan Marino was selected by the Miami Dolphins in the first round of the 1983 NFL Draft after graduating from college. David Woodley’s backup, Niki’s father, was the Dolphins’ backup quarterback in that year.

Later, in game six against the Buffalo Bills, he was given his first start, and despite their defeat, Dan Marino broke numerous records. Niki’s father was asked by multiple teams to sign with them before he stopped playing football actively in 2000; he declined and said that his body couldn’t handle another season and that he was content with having played for just one team during his career.

Although he never played in a Super Bowl, Niki Lin’s father is regarded as one of the greatest quarterbacks in football history. He did, however, get at least three individual honors. In the list of the Top 100 Best Players in NFL History is Dan.

The Dan Marino Foundation was started by Niki Lin Marino’s father in 1992 after learning that his son had autism. The foundation collaborated with numerous initiatives and provided funding for their study and care of young patients with neurodevelopmental disorders. The Dan Marino Center, which helps kids at risk for psychiatric and developmental problems, was also founded by Niki’s father.

The health center and foundation run by Niki’s father have assisted numerous kids and directed millions toward aiding kids who could require medical care.

Wrapping Up

Niki Lin Marino hasn’t said whether she uses social media, but if she does, her accounts are presumably private and she doesn’t post frequently. Her father does, however, frequently publish images of his family on Instagram and Twitter. He hasn’t yet shared a photo of Niki Lin Marino, though.