Natalia Melentyeva: A Life Beyond the Spotlight

Natalia Melentyeva’s Early Experiences

Not much is known about Natalia Melentyeva’s early experiences, as she has largely remained out of the public eye. Born in 1957, Natalia has lived through significant historical events in Russia, witnessing the fall of the Soviet Union and the emergence of the Russian Federation.


Natalia Melentyeva has a daughter named Darya Dugina, who was born on December 15, 1992, in Moscow, Russia. Darya attended Moscow State University and unfortunately passed away on August 20, 2022, in Bolshie Vyazyomy, Russia. Darya’s grandparents are Galina Dugina and Geliy Alexandrovich Dugin.


Natalia Melentyeva is married to Alexander Dugin, a prominent Russian scholar, and political analyst. Born in 1962, Alexander Dugin is known for his controversial views and has founded several organizations, such as the National Bolshevik Party, Eurasia Movement, Eurasian Youth Union, and Eurasia Party. Dugin’s work has been influenced by Julius Evola, Joseph Stalin, and Martin Heidegger, among others.

Natalia Melentyeva’s Career And Net Worth

There is limited information about Natalia Melentyeva’s career and net worth. As a private person, she has kept her professional life away from the public eye. However, it is known that her husband, Alexander Dugin, has had a successful career as a political analyst and writer.

More About Natalia Melentyeva

While not much is known about Natalia Melentyeva’s personal life, it is clear that she has been a supportive spouse to her husband, Alexander Dugin, throughout his controversial career. Despite the lack of public information about her own life, Natalia has played an important role in her family, raising her daughter Darya and standing by her husband as he navigates the world of politics and academia.

In conclusion, Natalia Melentyeva is a private person who has remained largely out of the public eye. As the spouse of Alexander Dugin, she has supported her husband through his controversial career while raising their daughter Darya. Although her own life remains mostly unknown, Natalia’s role as a supportive spouse and mother is evident.