The Life Story of Naomie Jessop

Naomie Jessop is the ex-wife of Warren Jeffs, an American convicted child rapist and the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Church. She was a true believer and abided by every law of the church, including polygamy. Naomie Jessop was first married to Rulon Jeffs, Warren’s father, before marrying Warren after Rulon’s death in 2002.

Naomie’s ex-husband inherited all his father’s wives upon his death. Naomie Jessop became Warren’s favourite wife, and they often spent much time together. She was her confidant and knew a lot about him. Even when the FBI wanted Warren Jeffs, she hid with him, and he helped him avoid the police.

Early Life, Education and Personal Details

Naomie Jessop grew up in Utah, Colorado and believed in the Fundamentalist church. Her father was polygamous, and she was okay with it; upon completing high school, Naomie Jessop intended to join college and pursue a career. However, her father informed her that she would be marrying Rulon Jeffs, then an 83-year-old man, and she was just 18.

Naomi did not go against her father’s wishes, so she married Rulon Jeffs, who died nine years later. After Rulon’s death, Naomie Jessop was secretly married to Warren Jeffs.

Preaching Evil

Naomie Jessop helped Warren Jeffs avoid arrests as they were on the run together; however, they were arrested in 2006 while she was with Warren Jeffs and her younger brother. No charges were pressed against Naomie Jessop, as no evidence was found. Many people felt she was guilty since she was Warren Jeffs accomplice.

However, she has since changed, and she was central in the documentary Preaching Evil: A Wife on the Run with Warren Jeffs. The series is told through her viewpoint; she was the closest wife to Warren Jeffs, and she knew him better.

Her Ex-Husband

Naomie Jessop’s ex-husband took over the church’s leadership when his father died. He also inherited his wives; Warren is said to be married to over eight women, some of whom have come out to talk of his evil doings. They said that they were abused physically and emotionally. Warren often engaged his wives in group sex and told them it was a heavenly session.

Naomie’s Ex-husband’s Crimes, Arrest and Trail

In the early 2000s, there were several lawsuits against Warren Jeffs; his nephew had accused him of anally raping him. Even Warren’s children mentioned that their father sexually abused them. FBI had heard of the sex crimes allegations and was on Naomie’s ex-husband’s radar. Besides, he also sexually abused and married minors, including Naomie Jessop’s sister, who was 12 years old.

After his arrest in 2006, Warren Jeffs was arraigned in court and was charged with rape, and marrying minors, among other charges. After several years of trial, Naomie’s ex-husband was found guilty of sexual assault and was given life imprisonment.

Warren Jeffs has tried suicide several times, but he is still alive. Despite being in prison, he is still the leader of his church, as most of his followers believe so.