Mikaiya Beasley Early Life and Family

Mikaiya Beasley is a celebrity kid born in May 2009. Her father is Michael Beasley, a decorated professional basketball player. Mikaiya enjoys her popularity thanks to her father; we will discuss in detail who her father is.

Mikaiya Beasley’s Early Life

Mikaiya is a name that comes into the limelight thanks to her father’s fame. Mikaiya Beasley is a female born in May 2009. She is the loving daughter of an American professional basketball player called Michael Beasley.

Mikaiya has a brother called Michael Beasley III. Information about Mikaiya and her brother remains hidden, but their father’s popularity takes precedence and adds to their fame.

Mikaiya’s Father

Mikaiya is the daughter of Michael Paul Beasley. Mikaiya’s father was born in Cheverly, Maryland, on January 9, 1989. His birth sign is Capricorn; his parents are Fatima Smith and Michael Beasley.

Michael Beasley has four siblings: Leroy Ellison, Tiffany Couch, Mychaela Beasley, and Malik Smith. Michael has attended numerous high schools, including Bowie High school, Oak Hill Academy, National Christian Academy, etc. For his college, he attended Kansas State University.

Michael Beasley’s Career

Michael Beasley is a professional basketball player. He attended six high schools, and in each, he played basketball and scored high for the team. In 2006, he joined USA Men’s U18 National team, and together with the team, they won the FIBA America championship.

By 2007, he was among the most valuable players for the All-American Boys Game. He also played for the Under 19 National Team for the USA, and they won silver in the FIBA championships.

Michael’s profession boomed in 2008 after his debut in NBA, having signed a contract with Miami Heat. By the time he was playing in the 2009 season, his player-per-game average was 14.8 points. After playing for two seasons for Miami Heat, he joined the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2010. While playing for Timberwolves, his per-gam average dropped to 11.5.

He then joined Phoenix Suns in 2012 before returning to Miami Heat. Still, he joined Shanghai Sharks in 2014. In 2020, he signed with Brooklyn Nets but couldn’t play because of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Michael Beasley is among the most popular NBA players, and most of his fame is attributed to his bad decisions. He has a hooligan personality, and his profile has plenty of silly bloopers, cop visits, and marijuana cases, creating a nasty reputation. Michael Beasley is a left-handed basketballer.

Michael Beasley’s Family

Michael Beasley has two notable childhood friends named Nolan Smith and Kevin Durant. He has two children. A son called Michael Beasley III and a daughter called Mikaiya Beasley. His spouse is unknown, and the basketball has not discussed any information about marrying anyone.

Michael Beasley’s Net Worth

Michael Beasley ranks among the wealthiest celebrities. As of 2022, his net worth is estimated at $10 million. All his wealth is attributed to his professional basketball career, from his high-school days to his current professional career.