Who is Melvin Leon Simpson?

Melvin is a male who is popularly known as “Truman” Simpson. His popularity is courtesy of his brother O.J. Simpson. His mother, Eunice Simpson, was born on October 23, 1921. His father, Jimmy Lee Simpson, was born on January 29, 1920. We will discuss who Melvin Leon Simpson is and details about his family.

Early Life of Melvin Leon Simpson

Melvin Leon Simpson was born on July 21, 1946. He has four siblings. Their firstborn was born Orenthal J. Simpson, born in 1940. His second sibling is Patricia Simpson, who was unfortunately born and died in the same year, 1942. His third sibling is Mattie Shirley, who was born in 1943. Melvin is the fourth born in the family. Their last sibling is Carmelita Durio, born in 1948 and died in 2009.

Melvin married Mary L Joseph in San Francisco on November 11, 1967. They have two children. Their firstborn is Michele Lisa Simpson, born in 1969 and died in 2005. Their second child is Manu L. Simpson, who was born in 1972.

His wife, Mary, was born in 1946 but died in 2007. Melvin married his second wife, Lenore Irene McCue, on August 12, 1982, in Alameda, California. The couple has three children; Truman James, born in 1981; Kristin Irene, born in 1984; and Dawn Marie, born in 1985.

Melvin died in Sacramento on September 8, 2021.

Melvin’s Brother – O.J. Simpson

Melvin’s brother O.J. Simpson has the birthname Orenthal James Simpson. He was born in San Francisco, California. His profession is as an actor and a producer. He is also a former football player.

He received the name “Orenthal” from his aunt, the name of her favorite French actor. Melvin’s brother played football for his school’s team, Galileo Lions. He began as a tackle before sticking to being a fullback. Furthermore, he also played professional football for Buffalo Bills.

O.J. Simpson joined San Francisco City College from 1965 to 1966 and achieved an academic record that paved the way for him to play football for the University of Southern California. While at it, he helped the team set numerous records and was named All-American for the 1967 to 1968 season. Simpson also won the Heisman Trophy for the best collegiate play of the season after playing in two Rose Bowl games

O.J. Simpson has married and divorced two wives. His ex-wives are Marguerite l. Whitley and Nicole Brown. He has a daughter called Sydney Brooke Simpson and a son called Justin Ryan Simpson.

After Simpson retired from football, he started his career as a film and television actor. He was also a sports commentator. Unfortunately, his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend were stabbed and died on June 1994 outside her home. The incident led to the arrest of Simpson, charged with two murders.

Despite pleading not guilty, his case attracted the media’s attention, giving Simpson a negative popularity. However, he was acquitted of the charges on October 1995. In 2008, Simpson was sentenced to nine years for various crimes and was granted parole in 2017.