Meet Hudson Rechsteiner, Personal Life and Net Worth

Hudson Rechsteiner was born on March 9, 1961, in Bay City, Michigan, United States of America. He is a wrestler and well-known as “Rick Steiner.” He took part in World Championship and World Wrestling Foundation. He also deals with real estate by being a broker. His father was Cristopher Richard Stein, a television presenter, chef, and businessman. His wife, Jill Stein, has several unknown restaurants in the United Kingdom. Hudson has two siblings. He died on November 3, 2016, in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States.

Hudson’s Personal Life

Hudson started selling real estate in 2002 and currently associates himself with Atlanta communities in North Metro Atlanta. He is also a member of the school board in the Cherokee County District.

In November 2006, he participated in the general election but did not win. He then asked for a partition since he had 4500 signatures of votes compared to his colleague. His petition was listened to, and he emerged the winner. He has participated in tournaments like the Memorial Tag tournament and the Atlanta team tournament.

Education and Profession

Hudson has schooled in Upping ham School, New College, and Oxford University, where he earned an English degree. He did a course known as Real Estates at the University of Michigan and graduated with a degree. His main profession is majoring in Real Estate Broker. He says that being a wrestler is not something he has learned, but he has a passion for doing it.

Hudson’s Spouse

Jayme McKenzie is Hudson’s wife. They have three kids: Bronson Breaker, Maveric Rechstein, and Hudson Rechstein. Bronson was signed in as a professional wrestler in the 2021 contract. He also participated in a football league in 2022 and was declared the best in their hometown. Jayme was a student at Pen State University. He supported the husband by motivating him even if sometimes he failed in the wrestling match

Net Worth

Wrestling has taken a big part in his net worth. He has attained a net worth of 2 million dollars through his successful endeavors. He has walked home with many awards and championships throughout his wrestling career. In addition to that, his career has earned him almost 4 million dollars. He has won the WWE championship. He motivated his brother, who afterward engaged himself in wrestling.

His Brother’s Wrestling Journey.

In 1995 Rick and his brother participated in the Worlds wrestling held in the United States of America. Before returning to WCW, where they had won the World Tag Championship, they went on a winning streak. He went silent at once from the competitions since he had hurt his shoulder and had to take some time off and get shoulder surgery, but still, they would emerge the winners every time they played together.

Hudson Rechsteiner’s Social Media

Hudson has a phone number with an area code of 770. He has also posted some of his pictures on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. He also has three email addresses which are,, and