Meet Helena Mcelhenney.

Helena Mcelhenny was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. She is married to Robert Mcelhenny. After some time, she came out as a lesbian and had to follow their divorce. Luckily, before the divorce, they had four kids: The famous actor, producer, writer, podcaster Rob Mcelhenny and three other siblings. Despite the divorce of the father and the mother, they were brought up happily by their mother and were taught how to depend on themselves.

Helena’s Son, Rob Mcelhenny

Rob Mcelhenny was born in  1977 on the 14th of April in the United States of America. He is well known worldwide due to his great work as an actor, writer,  podcast, and producer. He graduated and opened a shop in New York before relocating to Los Angels at  25 years old.

Education and Profession

Rob attended a school in Philadelphia called Saint Joseph Preparatory school. He later attended Temple University, where he spent time with friends and lacked enough money to enroll in the school. In 1997, a movie known as “The Devil’s Own” was produced, and he was able to take part in it by becoming a leading role in it. He has also appeared in other movies like “Wonder Boys, A Civil Action, and Thirteen Conversations About One Thing.”

Rob’s wife

Kaitlin Olson is also an actor. They have been married for almost 16 years and have been in a peaceful relationship since they met in 2006 at a show where they acted together in New York. They have two bouncing baby boys. This was when they spoke up about their relationship. They have acted together in several movies. For example, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Film Dammy, House Carsel,” and a few others. There is no history of their children’s education or career or any unique thing they have done, but in case of any updated thing by either of the parent, it will be clearly shown and explained.

Robert’s Net worth

As an American actor, his work has added great value to his net worth. He approximately has a net worth of 55 million dollars. A monthly income of about 400000 + million dollars and a yearly income of about 5 million dollars. He has a very good personality, taught to him by his mother, who helped him a lot in getting all this money at a young age. His wife has a net worth that has not been included in this sum of money, hence said to be among the richest people in New York.

Social Media

Rob posted his pictures with his wife and children during their wedding day in 2006. He has different handles on social media like Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. He has not posted any of her parents’ pictures since the parents have already separated and chosen to live a private life.