Learn Everything About Mauri Goens

Mauri Goens, born in  June 1966, is the ex-partner of Jalen Rose, a former American basketball player and sports analyst. Mauri met Jalen Rose in 1996 after he had just signed with Indiana Pacers, they started dating, and she moved in with Jalen Rose. The two lovebirds were never married, and in 2000 they had a daughter named Mariah Rose.

After the birth of their daughter, Mauri and her boyfriend started having issues, and they ended their relationship.

Personal Life

Mauri Goens has been romantically involved with at least two men. She dated former football player Andre Rison, and they had a son named Hunter Rison. After separating from Rison, she met Jalen Rose, and they dated for four years. Mauri Goens has three children, but the father of the other one is unknown.

Besides, it is unclear if she is married or single; all her children are grown-ups and have been involved in sporting activities, given their fathers are athletes. For instance, her daughter Mariah Rose played volleyball in high school.

Education, Career, and Other interests

Regarding her education, Mauri Goens has a college degree. After graduating high school in Georgia, she joined American College for Applied Arts in Atlanta, Georgia.

Mauri Goens is an interior designer; she has been in the field for over twenty years. She is based in Georgia, and her community has felt the impact of her philanthropic work. She previously worked as a loan officer before moving to interior design. Besides interior designing, she is also involved with charitable causes. She partners with an organization that sells bracelets, and the revenues are used to fund certain foundations.

Child Custody Cases

After separating from Jalen Rose, the ex-lovers started battling over the custody of Mariah Rose. While they were separated, Jalen took care of the needs of Mariah. Mauri Goens was originally from Georgia, so she moved there after splitting, and Jalen remained in Indianapolis. Mauro’s ex-partner filed a case to know how their daughter would be cared for.

It was a long process, but at the end of it, Mauri and Jalen Rose had to share custody of Mariah Rose and share any expenses equally.

Mauri Goens also filed a paternity lawsuit against Andre Rison, but they finalized their issue out of court.

Her Ex-Partner

Mauri’s ex-partner played college basketball for the University of Michigan. After college, he joined Denver Nuggets, playing for them for two seasons before joining Indiana Pacers. He also played for Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls. Upon retiring from basketball, Jalen Rose started broadcasting and is now a sports analyst on ESPN and ABC. He also co-hosts some talk shows.

Net worth

Mauri Goens’ net worth is unknown, but she must have got some alimony from her two separations with Andre Rison and Jalen Rose. Besides, she has worked as a loan officer and in interior design.

Social Media

Mauri Goens is not active on all social media platforms; she has a private account on Instagram, and you have to follow her to view her posts. She is not on Facebook or Twitter.