The Life and Family of Mary Jacqueline Astor

Mary Jacqueline Astor’s Early Experiences

Mary Jacqueline Astor was born on January 19, 1955, in New York City, USA, to parents John Jacob Astor VI and Gertrude Gretsch. She grew up in a wealthy family with a prominent lineage. Mary’s father was the great-grandson of William Backhouse Astor Jr., who was one of the richest men in America during the 19th century. Her grandfather, John Jacob Astor IV, famously died in the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.


Mary’s parents, John Jacob Astor VI and Gertrude Gretsch, were both from prominent families in the United States. Her father was an entrepreneur and investor, while her mother was a homemaker. Despite their busy schedules, Mary’s parents were involved in her upbringing and education.


Mary had a brother, William Backhouse Astor, who was born in 1953. Unfortunately, William passed away in 2012 at the age of 59.


Mary had one child, a son named Nicholas Astor Drexel, who was born in 1987. He is currently 34 years old.


Mary’s grandparents were John Jacob Astor IV and Madeleine Astor. Her grandmother, Madeleine Astor, was famously pregnant with Mary’s father when her grandfather died in the Titanic disaster.


Mary’s great-grandparents on her father’s side were William Backhouse Astor Jr. and Caroline Schermerhorn Astor. William was a real estate developer and businessman, while Caroline was a socialite and prominent member of New York City’s high society during the Gilded Age.


Mary has been in a long-term relationship with John Nicholas Drexel since 1984. John is the son of Mildred Sophia Noreen Stonor and John Rozet Drexel III, and the grandson of Mildred Sherman and John Rozet Drexel Jr. and Elizabeth Thompson and Ralph Stonor, 5th Baron Camoys.


Mary’s uncle was Vincent Astor, who was a philanthropist and the last male heir of the Astor family. He passed away in 1959.

Mary Jacqueline Astor’s Career and Achievements

Mary has led a relatively private life and has not pursued a public career. However, she is known for her philanthropic work and has been involved in various charitable organizations. Mary is also a member of the Astor family, which is considered one of the wealthiest and most prominent families in the United States.

More About Mary Jacqueline Astor

Mary Jacqueline Astor’s life has been marked by her family’s prominence and wealth. She has had many experiences and opportunities that most people could only dream of. Despite this, she has remained relatively low-key and focused on her family and charitable work. Mary is a reminder that even those born into privilege can use their resources and influence for the greater good.