Mary Eleanor Delaney,Personal Life and Net Worth

Mary Eleanor Delaney was an American philanthropist and organizer, who is known to the world today as the wife of Canadian-American engineer Elijah McCoy. Today, they both are dead but their names are still alive because of their good deeds.

Here, let us disclose all the details about Mary Eleanor Delaney like her early life, family, siblings, parents, education, profession, love life, children, and all other such details.

Personal life

With the fact that Mary Eleanor Delaney rose to popularity after getting married to Elijah McCoy, much of her early life details are still a mystery to the public. The only confirmed information about her childhood is that she was born in 1846 in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, USA.

Coming to the married life of Mary Eleanor Delaney, she got married twice in her life. After the failure of her first marriage, she married Elijah McCoy in 1873.

Their union lasted till the death of Mary Eleanor Delaney in 1923. Their 50 years of togetherness ended when Mary Eleanor Delaney died at the age of 77 in 1923. 6 years after her death, her husband also died.

Parents and siblings

As we already said, nothing much is known about the early life of Mary Eleanor Delaney including the names of her parents as well as siblings. Even after becoming a little bit popular, Mary Eleanor Delaney did not disclose any details regarding her parents.


No doubt Mary Eleanor Delaney had a happy and successful married life with Elijah McCoy. However, she could never embrace motherhood in her life. What was the reason for that is not known to the public.

Education and profession

To be honest, there is not any confirmed information on the education of Mary Eleanor Delaney. However,  we hope that she must have received a good education in her life because she was the wife of such a scholared man. In addition, she herself was professionally active and worked as an organizer and club woman.

Reason for the popularity of Mary Eleanor Delaney

The main reason for the popularity of Mary Eleanor Delaney is today her famous husband, Elijah McCoy, who was a well-known engineer and scientist during his time. Other than that, Mary Eleanor Delaney herself also earned significant recognition as a philanthropist.

Net worth of Mary Eleanor Delaney

Mary Eleanor Delaney was professionally active and successful as well. However, she didn’t let the details regarding her earnings and net worth come out in the public. Given this fact, nothing is known about her net worth.

If we talk about the net worth of her scientist husband, Elijah McCoy, he had a job-dropping net worth of around 2 million when he died in 1929. Considering his professional success and accomplishments, it doesn’t come as a surprise how he managed to accumulate such a huge amount of net worth during that time.


At the time, when women used to rarely had a profession, Mary Eleanor Delaney was professionally active and gained significant success as well. She was definitely a lady with remarkable skills.