What You Don’t Know About Lucien Laviscount’s Brother, Jules Laviscount

Lucien Laviscount is an entertainer from the United Kingdom who has captured the hearts of many people because of his excellent acting skills. Lucien started acting at the young age of ten years, and because of his numerous appearances in well-performing films, many people have become interested in his family.

Jules Laviscount is one of  Lucien’s siblings, and people are interested in knowing him. Although Lucien is a celebrity and most of his bio is shared online, Jules has ensured his details remain out of the public eye. If you want more details regarding Jules, continue reading this post.

Who is Jules Laviscount?

Jules Laviscount is one of the siblings of the famous actor Lucien Laviscount. Jules got public attention because of his brother’s career, but even though he has ensured little information about him is shared on the internet.

Jules has two siblings who he grew up with. His parents owned a gym, and because of their careers, they were able to provide a comfortable lifestyle to Jules and his brothers. Because Jules has maintained his data privacy, his birth year has not been determined.

Who is Lucile Laviscount?

Lucien Laviscount is a British actor who has acted in several films. When Lucien was ten, he was featured in Mark & Spencer advertisement, which gave him a startup in his acting career.

After the advertisement, Lucien became interested in becoming an entertainer and worked towards achieving his dream. In 2007, Lucien appeared in Grange Hill, a BBC series that performed well, making him get recognition internationally.

Lucien acted in other films and television series like Emily in Paris, Supernatural, and The Bye Bye Man.

Jules’s Family

Jules’s mother is called Sonia Laviscount, and his father is Eugene. Jules’ parents are bodybuilders who own a gym, enabling them to care for their family.

Jules is a proud brother who grew up with his two brothers, Lucien and Louis. Unfortunately, details regarding Jules’ date of birth have not been shared with the public.

Lucien’s Career

Lucien Laviscount has long been a prominent actor in the entertainment industry. Lucien ventured into entertainment when he was ten years after he appeared in an advertisement by Marks and Spencer.

After the exposure in the advertisement, Lucien started acting, and he got the breakthrough in his career in 2007. In the same year, he acted in a BBC series, Grange Hill, which performed well, giving him global recognition as one of the best actors.

After the 2007 breakthrough in the entertainment industry, Lucien was contracted in many other films, which enabled him to build his career and grow his net worth.

Other famous films that Lucien acted in include Supernatural, Snatch, The Bye Man, and Emily in Paris. Additionally, Lucien was featured in the Tv program Waterloo in 2011, enabling him to grow his income.

Jules Laviscount’s Career

Unfortunately, there is no information regarding his career. On the other hand, his brother Lucien has been a famous entertainment actor for many years.