Jamont David Wilson, Personal Life and Net Worth

Jamont David Wilson was a celebrity sibling, who is popular even after his death today because his brother is a famous actor from America and his name is Dorien Wilson. Today, we are here to unfold the personal life details of Jamont David Wilson.

So, if you are interested in that, get into the details and find out about childhood, parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, earnings, love life, children, age, death, and other such details about Jamont David Wilson.

Personal life

Jamont David Wilson was born on 9th October 1967 in Pleasantville, New Jersey, USA, to Ernie and Margaret Wilson. This is all the information about the basic details of Jamont David Wilson. He never bothered to talk about his religious views. The same goes for the personal life of Jamont David Wilson as well. He never ever disclosed any details regarding his wife. Given this fact, it is not confirmed whether or not Jamont David Wilson was a married man.

If we talk about his death, Jamont David Wilson left the world a little sooner. He was only 48 years old when he died in 2015.

Parents and siblings

Jamont David Wilson was one of three children of his parents, Ernie and Margaret Wilson. Other than the names, you will hardly find any personal life details of his parents. However, nothing much is available about their professional lives as well. According to some sources, the father of Jamont David Wilson was in the army. Coming to the siblings of Jamont David Wilson he had two siblings, one brother and one sister. Their names are Savita Carothers and Dorien Wilson.


As you already know that Jamont David Wilson has not revealed any details regarding his personal life, it is not confirmed whether he had any kids or not.

Education and profession

There is nothing much available about the education of Jamont David Wilson as well. The only confirmed information about his education is that he completed his High School at Lompoc Senior High School, while nothing is available about his higher studies. The same goes for the profession of Jamont David Wilson as well. There is not at all information available on his profession.

Reason for the popularity of Jamont David Wilson

This goes without saying that the only reason for the popularity of Jamont David Wilson is his actor brother, Dorien Wilson, who is a renowned American actor.

Net worth of Jamont David Wilson

To have any confirmed information regarding the earnings and net worth of Jamont David Wilson, we need to have some details about his profession. Unfortunately, that is a complete secret to the public. Given this fact, the exact numbers of his net worth are not known to the public. If we talk about the net worth of his celebrity brother, Dorien Wilson, he is expected to have around 12 million right now.


Jamont David Wilson was a celebrity brother but he was never interested in the limelight of the media and public attention. He lived a private life all through his life.