All You Need to Know About Irina Konstantinov

Irina Konstantinov is the wife of Russian-American former ice hockey player Vladimir Konstantinov. It is unclear when they married, but the couple had one daughter, Anastasia Konstantinova.

Her Husband

Irina’s husband began his career as an ice hockey player in the 1980s; he often played in junior championships. Detroit Red Wings selected Vladimir in 1989; however, it took before he made his debut. Irina’s husband previously played under the Soviet Union, and they were not allowing their youngsters to play National Hockey League.

Vladimir Konstantinov had signed a 25-year contract with the Russian Army, and it was hard for them to let him go to the United States. A journalist offered to help Irina’s husband so that he could play the game he loved in USA; he worked with Jim Lites and bribed several doctors to get Vladimir out of the Army.

The doctors collaborated and lied that Irina Konstantinov’s husband had cancer, and the Army discharged him for medical treatment. Detroit Red Wings helped Vladimir and his family relocate to Detroit, United States.

Irina’s Husband’s Career

Upon his arrival in Detroit, Irina’s husband trained aggressively, and he wanted to be the best in his game. He earned several nicknames due to his style of play, including the Red Shark, Vlad the Impaler, and Vladinator. Irina’s husband was part of The Russin Five, including Igor Larionov, Slava Kozlov, Sergei Fedorov, and Slava Fetisov.

While playing with the Detroit Red Wings, Irina’s husband won the NFL Plus or Minus Award in the 1995-96 season; the following season, his team won the Stanley Cup, and he was runners-up for the James Norris Memorial Trophy.

Irina’s Husband’s Accident

On the fateful day of the limousine crash, Irina’s husband was out with his friends Sergei Mnatsakanov and Viacheslav Fetisov to celebrate winning the Stanley Cup. They were in a limousine having fun when the driver lost control and hit a tree. Mnatsakanov and Irina’s husband sustained severe injuries, while Fetisov suffered minor roles.

Vladimir Konstantinov was in a coma for several weeks. After receiving some medical care, he started using a wheelchair. In his first days, Irina and her daughter took care of Vladimir, and it was overwhelming, and they had to seek professional help. Irina and her daughter later moved to Florida, where they live, while Vladimir was under professional care.

Irina’s husband is now under 24/7 medical as a medic must be around to attend to his needs even when he is asleep. Through the help of a professional, Irina’s husband is learning how to talk.

Financial Struggles

Irina Konstantinov’s family started experiencing some financial issues after her husband’s limousine crash. Most of the money went to his medical needs; Irina started a GoFundMe to cover some medical expenses. While talking in an interview, Irina Konstantinov mentioned that her family did not like exposing what struggles they were going through to the public but, on the hand, to the situation at hand.

It is unclear how much Irina raised through GoFundMe, but it probably helped somewhere.