Hermina M. Veraar Relationships, Family, & More

Hermina Maria Veraar Merrick was the daughter of Hermina M. Ver Meulen and Robertus Veraar. She was born on September 8, 1915, in Amsterdam, North-Holland, Netherlands. She immigrated to the country and wed Norman Isaac “Flying Iron” Ewing first. Maria Louise, Frances Carol, and Norma Ewing were all born to Hermina and Norman Ewing. Hermina wedded to Joseph Merrick in 1968, a year after Norman’s passing.

Early Life

Her parents had only one child, she. She became Hermina Maria Ewing, an American housewife, after getting married to Norman Isaac Ewing, a white African American. On May 7, 1894, Norman Isaac was born in Falls Church, Virginia, in the United States. He was the offspring of John William Ewing, a prominent member of the African American community in Washington, DC, who was born a slave, and a lineal descendant of Bazabeel Norman, a notable player in the African American community during the American Revolutionary War.

Maria Ewing, the Opera Singing Daughter

Maria Ewing was born to Norman and Hermina Ewing in Detroit, Wayne County, United States, on March 27, 1950. American opera vocalist Maria Louise Ewing has a long history performing on stage and in films. James Levine, Eleanor Steber, and Jennie Tourel were her instructors while she was a student at the Cleveland Institute of Music.

Rebecca Hall is the Granddaughter

Actress Rebecca Hall is from England. She was conceived on May 3, 1982, in London, the daughter of American opera singer Maria Ewing and British filmmaker Peter Hall. She had a breakthrough role in The Prestige in 2006, and since then, she has starred in several movies, including The Town, The Awakening, Transcendence, and The Gift. Hall has also made appearances in The Crucible on stage and the television show Spooks.

The Unknown Rendezvous

Nobody knows how Hermina and Norman met, where they went, or when they got married. Maria, Frances, Carol, and Norma were the four daughters born to Hermina Maria Ewing. Hermina became Pierre Culbertson Ewing’s stepmother upon the passing of Norman’s first wife, Margaret Culbertson. Norman Isaac passed away in Detroit, Michigan’s Wayne County, in May 1968 at the age of 74.

Curtain Call

Veraar eventually wed Joseph Merrick. Hermina Maria’s youngest child, Maria Louise, shared Hermina Maria’s love of classical music and went on to become an opera singer. On April 17, 2004, Hermina Maria Merrick, originally Veraar, passed away in Macomb County, Michigan. She was 85 years old. In Charter Township of Clinton, Macomb County, Cadillac Memorial Gardens East is where she was finally laid to rest.


Veraar was a homemaker and housewife who took an active part in her neighbourhood. Veraar was a passionate supporter of classical music and a committed Dutch Reformed Church participant. Veraar was a devoted wife and mother who treasured her time with her loved ones. She enjoyed entertaining and was a good cook. Veraar loved being outside and was an enthusiastic gardener. If you wish to know more about her, perhaps that’s all the details we have so far. Shall we get any more information from any other sources, we’ll try our best to bring it out to you here with updates.