Habiba Jaffrey , Personal Life and Net Worth

Habiba Jaffrey is a celebrity spouse from India who grabs public attention every now and then because of her actor and dancer husband, Jaaved Jaffrey, who is specifically known for his stellar acting in the Hindi film 3 Idiots. However, today we are not here to talk about this brilliant actor but about his wife, Habiba Jaffrey.

So, dig into the details and find out the information about early life, education, profession, parents, childhood, children, married life, earnings, net worth, age, and other such details about Habiba Jaffrey.

Personal life

To be honest, not any confirmed information is available on the birth details of Habiba Jaffrey. According to some sources, she was born in 1965 in Mumbai India. The names of Habiba Jaffrey’s parents are still not known. She is an Indian by nationality and has Muslim faith.

Speaking of the married life of Habiba Jaffrey, she is the second wife of Jaaved Jaffrey, who is a famous Indian actor and dancer. Here again, the exact date of the marriage is not confirmed but they are believed to have exchanged their vows in 1991. As of now, the couple is together and enjoying their happy married life.

Parents and siblings

As we already said that the family background of Habiba Jaffrey is an absolute secret to the public, finding out any significant information about her parents and siblings is not possible.


Habiba Jaffrey became the mother of three lovely kids through her successful married life and their names are Meezaan Jafri, Alaviaa Jaffrey, and Abbas Jaffrey. Her kids would be teenagers today. Given the fact, they have not started their professional journey yet.

Education and profession

Despite the fact that Habiba Jaffrey is a celebrity spouse and always remains in the spotlight of the media, her educational details are still away from public eyes because she herself never bothered to make these details public. If you talk about her profession, Habiba Jaffrey is said to be a homemaker.

Reason for the popularity of Habiba Jaffrey

It is pretty obvious that the only reason for the popularity of Habiba Jaffrey is her husband, Jaaved Jaffrey, who has achieved a great deal of success in Bollywood. The couple is spotted together sometimes when they are out for their family time and this is when Habiba Jaffrey grabs public attention.

Net worth of Habiba Jaffrey

Owing to the fact that Habiba Jaffrey is a homemaker, we obviously can’t expect any net worth under her name. However, it does not mean that there is any dearth of luxuries in her life. Being the wife of a celebrity, Habiba Jaffrey is definitely enjoying a luxurious life. As of 2023, her husband, Jaaved Jaffrey, has accumulated an outstanding net worth of around 3.5 million, which he has churned out all through his acting career.


Habiba Jaffrey is a perfect family lady. She takes care of her family really well and shares a very good relationship with her husband as well, which is a rare thing to find in today’s age.