What You Should Know About Fleur Cates

Fleur Cates was the second wife of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Fleur and Benjamin met in the late 1970s while working at the Boston Consulting Group. When Fleur met Netanyahu, he was married to his wife, Miriam Weizmann; however, their affair led to the dissolution of Netanyahu’s first marriage.

The two lovebirds exchanged their wedding vows in 1981; they divorced seven years later and did not have children together.

Education and Personal Details

Fleur Cates was born in the United Kingdom; she graduated with a bachelor of arts degree from Cambridge University. She also has an M.B.A. from Havard. Fleur is part of several organizations; she was a member of the Council of Advisors of the U.S. Studies Centre. Fleur is also part of The Manhattan Institute and Business Executives for National Security.

It is unclear if Fleur Cates remarried after divorcing Benjamin Netanyahu, but she continued with her business enterprises.

Her Ex-Husband

Upon their divorce, Benjamin Netanyahu married Sara Ben-Artzi, with whom he has two children, Avner and Yair. While married to Sara, Fleur’s ex-husband was romantically involved with his adviser. Some people threatened to expose him unless he dropped his ambitions of running for the Likud leadership. Benjamin confessed on television and mended his relationship with his wife.

Fleur’s Ex-Husband’s Political Career

Fleur’s ex-husband started interacting with politicians in the early 1980s; he served as the deputy chief of mission under Moshe Arens in the U.S embassy. Netanyahu was the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations for four years. In 1992, Fleur’s ex-husband’s party lost the Israeli elections and chose him as the opposition leader.

In 1996, the Likud party fronted Netanyahu as the candidate for the position of prime minister. He won the elections against Shimon Peres, becoming the youngest Israeli prime minister. Fleur’s ex-husband’s first term in office faced many attacks, but he made several treaties to reduce the attacks.

In 1999, Ehud Barak defeated Fleur’s ex-husband in the prime ministerial election; he retired from politics for some time to focus on other things. However, after realizing Ehud Barak’s government was failing, he returned to politics but did not run for the prime minister position after Barak resigned. Ariel Sharon won the election, and Fleur’s ex-husband was the foreign minister.

Years later, Fleur’s ex-husband served as the finance minister and then as the opposition leader until 2009, when the electorate elected him for his second term. He served as the prime minister until 2021 when a coalition government removed him from office. Netanyahu became the prime minister of Israel in December 2022.

Fleur’s Ex-Husband’s Political and Other Views

On the issue of terrorism, Netanyahu mentions that force has to be met with force; he is amending the constitution for the death penalty to be the sentence for terrorists. Fleur’s ex-husband supports LGBTQ since he believes every person has equal rights and should be allowed to be the way they want to be.

Fleur Cates’s Whereabouts

Fleur Cates lives a private life at her home in Manhattan, New York; she is probably spending time with her loved ones.