Emily Magda Rothschild’s Family, Career, and Personal Life

Emily Magda comes from the Rothschild family. She is the daughter of the 4th Lord Rothschild. Emily was born in 1967 and is the daughter of Serena Mary Dunn and Jacob Rothschild.

Emily Magda’s Personal Life

Emily is the daughter of the 4th Lord Rothschild. She is married to Julian David Warren, and the couple is blessed with two children. Their firstborn is a daughter called Ivy Freeman-Attwood. She was born on April 16, 1999. Their second child, Lily Freeman-Attwood, was born on February 12, 2002.

Details about her early life, marriage, education, and career remain unknown. However, there is plenty of details about her father.

Emily has three siblings. Their firstborn is Hannah Mary Rothschild, born on May 22, 1962. Her second sibling is Beth Matilda Rothschild, born on February 27, 1964. Emily is the third born. Their lastborn was Nathaniel Philip Victor James Rothschild, born on July 12, 1971.

Emily Magda’s Father

Emily Magda is the daughter of the famous Nathaniel Charles Jacob, 4th Lord Rothschild. He studied at Eton College and Oxford. Jacob met his lover, Serena Mary Dunn, and they married in 1935.

Emily’s father was born in London on April 26, 1936. Nathaniel Charles built his reputation as a British peer, investment banker, and a Rothschild banking family member. He has actively participated in various philanthropic and charitable areas.

Nathaniel Charles is the eldest son of Victor Rothschild, and his mother is Barbara Judith. His father was born a Jew, and his mother converted after marriage to become to Orthodox Judaism.

Nathaniel attained a First in History and was tutored by Hugh Trevor-Roper.

Nathaniel Charles Jacob’s Business Career

Emily’s father began working in 1963 at the family bank N M Rothschild in London. He later resigned due to a family dispute in 1980. The chair role he had received had been passed from his father, who left it to him after deciding to follow his passion for a scientific career.

Having resigned from the family bank, Emily Magda’s father founded J Rothschild Assurance Group with his partner in 1991. He also became the chairman of RIT Capital Partners plc, considered among the largest investment trusts in the London Stock Exchange.

Moreover, he chaired the J Rothschild Capital Management firm between 2003 and his retirement in 2008. Emily’s father has had different business ventures, and he generated massive income from them.

Further, it was reported that he got an oil deal with a Russian oil industrialist before the Russian was arrested. In 2010, an entity associated with Jacob got a 5% equity interest in Genie Energy for $10 million. All these show the oil interest that Emil Magda’s father had.

Emily’s Father’s Interest in Art and Heritage

Emily’s father chaired the Trustees of the National Gallery in Britain from 1085 to 1991. Moreover, he was the National Heritage Memorial fund chairman from 1992 to 1998. The bottom line is that Emily’s father has held numerous roles in various art and heritage sectors in Britain.