Emerson James Arnett, Personal Life and Net Worth

Emerson James Arnett is a Canadian celebrity father, who is known to the world because of his actor son, Will Arnett. Emerson James Arnett himself is a successful lawyer and businessman but is mainly known because of his son.

Today, we will close all details about Emerson James Arnett like his childhood parents, siblings, education, profession, net worth, family, love life, children, earnings, and all other such details.

Personal life

Emerson James Arnett was born in 1938 in Winnipeg to Emerson Lloyd Arnett and Elsie Audrey Rhind. Emerson James Arnett holds American nationality while his religious views are not confirmed.

If you talk about the love life of Emerson James Arnett, he married Edith Alexandra “Alix” Palk in 1964. Besides this, not much information is available about the married life of Emerson James Arnett like whether or not the couple is together today.

Parents and siblings

Much of the family background of Emerson James Arnett is unknown to the public. The only available information about that is the names of his parents, Emerson Lloyd Arnett and Elsie Audrey Rhind.

As for the siblings of Emerson James Arnett, there is not at all any information available about that either.


Emerson James Arnett has a successful married life that has yielded him 4 kids, Shanly, Tannis, Will, and Charles. Among all, his son, Will is the most popular one, as he is a famous Canadian actor. On the other hand, not much is available about his three other kids.

Education and profession

Emerson James Arnett is a well-educated man who worked in a very prestigious profession throughout his life. He completed his high school in 1955 at Kelvin High School. Then, he graduated from the University of Manitoba, where he majored in senior sticks of art.

After that, he enrolled at Harvard University and completed his masters in law. After completing his education, he began his professional journey, and, since then, there has been no looking back for him. He has served as a lawyer and advisor for many governments as well as non-government organizations.

Reason for the popularity of Emerson James Arnett

Hands down, the major reason for the popularity of Emerson James Arnett is the celebrity status of his son, Will Arnett, who is a famous Canadian actor. However, the successful professional career of Emerson James Arnett is also a reason for his popularity.

Net worth of Emerson James Arnett

With the fact that Emerson James Arnett is incredibly successful in his professional life, it won’t be wrong to estimate that he must have had a huge amount of money in his life.

However, the exact net worth of Emerson James Arnett is not known. If we talk about the net worth of his actor son, he is estimated to hold around 35 million.


After looking at the professional and personal success of Emerson James Arnett, it does not come as a surprise how his son, Will Arnett, managed to achieve such big success in the film industry despite being an outsider.