Darrell Kenyatta Evers, Personal Life and Net Worth

The person today we are going to talk about is already dead but is famous because of his renowned father, Medgar Evers, a well-known American civil rights activist. Darrell Kenyatta Evers himself was active in the film industry and had appeared in a couple of films as well.

Today, let us unfold all the details about him including his early life, family siblings, education, profession, net worth, earning age, love life, and all other such details.

Personal life

Darrell Kenyatta Evers was born on 30 June 1953 in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi, USA as the eldest son of Medgar Evers and Myrlie Evers-Williams. Darrell Kenyatta Evers was an American but his religious views were not known to the public.

As for the married life of Darrell Kenyatta Evers, the name of his lady love was Lauren McIntyre. When the couple got married and how long they remained together is still a matter of secret to the public. However, we do believe that they could not remain together for a long period of time because Darrell Kenyatta Evers died at the age of 47 on 1 February 2001.

Parents and siblings

Darrell Kenyatta Evers was one of three children of ¬†Medgar Evers and Myrlie Evers-Williams, who both were famous American civil rights activists. Besides that, the father of Darrell Kenyatta Evers was also NAACP’s first field secretary in Mississippi.

Though his parents were successful in their professional careers, their personal life was not very smooth. They got married in 1951 and got separated in 1963 within just 12 years.

Speaking of the siblings, he had two siblings and their names were Reena Denise Evers and James Van Evers. Other than names, nothing much is available about his siblings.


Darrell Kenyatta Evers enjoyed fatherhood through his married life. The name of his son is Keanan.

Education and profession

The educational background of Darrell Kenyatta Evers is a complete mystery to the public even today. He never ever bothered to discuss any details regarding his education.

If you talk about his profession, he was an actor and has appeared in a couple of super hit films like Ghosts of Mississippi. However, Darrell Kenyatta Evers could not gain much success in his professional career.

Reason for the popularity of Darrell Kenyatta Evers

Though Darrell Kenyatta Evers himself was in a prestigious profession, he actually earned public recognition only because of his father, who was worldwide famous.

Net worth of Darrell Kenyatta Evers

Like many other details, he had not disclosed any details regarding his earnings and net worth. With the fact that he was an actor, it can be estimated that he must have churned out a good amount of money in his life.

If we talk about the net worth of his successful father, Medgar Evers, he had a stunning net worth of around 5 million when he died.


Darrell Kenyatta Evers died at 47. He left the world a little sooner. We hope that he must have achieved good professional success if he was alive today.