Facts About Bart Scott’s Wife: Darnesha Scott

Darnesha Scott is the wife of a former American football player and sports analyst, Bartholomew Edward Scott, famously known as Bart Scott. She married Bart on June 2, 2005, and they have three children, two sons, and a daughter. Despite her husband’s fame, Darnesha Scott has kept a low profile and remained behind the cameras.

Darnesha Scott’s educational details are unknown as she kept them under wraps. Besides, she has not revealed how she met her husband.

Her Husband

Darnesha Scott’s husband was born and grew up in Detroit, Michigan, where she attended school; while in high school, Bart played football as a linebacker and running back. Darnesha’s husband was among the best footballers, and many colleges wanted to offer him a scholarship, but his performance was poor. Bart later worked on his scores and was eligible for a scholarship.

Bart joined Southern Illinois University and played as a linebacker. After an argument with a defensive coach, he missed the last six games of his college football career. Darnesha’s husband earned first-team All Gateway conference honors for his impressive record.

Darnesha’s husband grew up in a community filled with drugs and violence, but despite that, he grew up without involving himself in petty crimes. His parents and relatives guided him; years later, he started working with the community to develop facilities that may help society, like children’s playgrounds.

Bart’s Professional Career

Darnesha’s husband presented his name for the 2002 NFL Draft, but no team selected him. However, the Baltimore Ravens signed Bart Scott with coach Jerry Kill’s help. He didn’t play as much in his first three games; however, in 2005, starting linebacker Ray Lewis had an injury, and Darnesha’s husband replaced him.

Cleveland Browns approached Darnesha’s husband in 2006, but he turned them down and signed a three-year contract with the Ravens. In 2006, Bart Scott played all 16 games and recorded 135 tackles. Darnesha’s husband joined New York Jets in 2009 after signing a six-year deal.

Bart Scott had a successful career in his first year with New York Jets; however, in his last years with the team, he had several issues and got less game time. He retired from active football in 2013. After his retirement, he joined The NFL Today as a sports analyst; he has often supported Baltimore Ravens and is unhappy whenever it loses.

On radio, Darnesha’s husband replaced Mike Francesa as the host of the afternoon drive show on WFAN.

Net Worth

Darnesha Scott has not made public what she does to earn a living; thus, it is hard to estimate her net worth. On the other hand, her husband has made a fortune through his football career; he signed a big-money contract in 2009. Darnesha’s husband’s net worth is 5 million dollars.

Social Media

Darnesha Scott is not on Instagram or other social media platforms, but her husband is on Instagram, and he sometimes shares pictures, including those of his wife. However, most of Bart’s posts are sports-related.