Cornelia Schuyler Morton Biography

Cornelia Schuyler Morton was born in December 1775 in Albany, United States. Her father was General Philip Schuyler, and her mother was Catharina Van Rensselaer Schuyler. She married her husband, George Washington Morton, on October 7, 1797. Together, they were blessed with two sons and three daughters. Cornelia Schuyler Morton passed on June 5, 1808, at 32 years. She had the shortest lifespan of all the Schuler sisters. Cornelia Schuyler Morton was buried in Menands, Colonie, Albany, New York, United States.

Cornelia Schuyler Morton’s Parents

Cornelia Schuyler Morton’s father, General Philip Schuyler, was born in 1733 to the prosperous Schuyler family and passed on in 1804. His father died on his eight-birthday eve. He was a Continental Amy General during the Industrial Revolution. He engaged in the Indian and French wars. He married Catharina Van Rensselaer Schuyler on September 7, 1755. Cornelia Schuyler Morton’s father joined New York Assembly after winning elections in 1768.

Cornelia Schuyler Morton’s Siblings

Cornelia Schuyler Morton’s mother was the family’s matriarch. Together with her husband, General Philip Schuyler, they got 15 children together. However, only eight children survived to adulthood.

Cornelia Schuler Morton Sisters

Angelica Schuyler Church

Cornelia Schuyler Morton first born sister was Angelica Schuyler Church. She was born in 1756. She was a famous socialite and interacted with prestigious Europa and United States elites. Cornelia Schuyler Morton’s sister married British Businessman John Barker Church in 1748. Together with John Barker, they got eight children.

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton

She was the second-born Schuler sister. She was born in 1757 in Albany, New York, and lived until 1854. Cornelia Schuyler Morton’s sister was an American philanthropist and socialite.

She married Father Alexander Hamilton, America’s Founding Father, in 1780. She was a great support system in his husband’s political career. The two had eight children in their marriage, which spanned 24 years. Elizabeth Schuyler lived for a great 97 years, outliving her husband by 50 years.

Margaret “Peggy” Schuyler Van Rensselaer

Margaret “Peggy” Schuyler Van Rensselaer was the thirdborn Schuyler sister. She was born in 1758 and lived until 1801. Cornelia Schuyler Morton’s sister Peggy married her distant cousin Stephen Van Rensselaer III.

When they married, Peggy was 25, while Stephen was 19. This marriage was set to boost Stephen’s political career. By 1789, Cornelia Schuyler Morton’s sister and her husband had three children. However, only one reached adulthood, Stephen Van Rensselaer IV.

Catharine Schuyler Malcolm Cochrane

Catharine Schuyler Malcolm Cochrane was the lastborn of the Schuyler sisters. She was born in 1781. Cornelia Schuyler Morton’s sister, Catharine, shared a birthday with Angelica, her oldest sister. However, the age gap was 25 years. She received special attention from her father.

Catharine was married to Samuel Bayard Malcolm. The two tied the knot in May 1803. The two were blessed with four kids. However, Samuel passed on in 1817. Catharine, Cornelia Schuyler Morton’s sister, married a cousin James Cochran in 1822. Their union was blessed with one kid.

Cornelia Schuler Morton’s Father’s Net worth

Philip Schuyler, the father to Cornelia Schuler Morton, is worth approximately $2 million. His main source of income was his political and military career.