Choi Seokjun Early Life and Family

When you have a celebrity sister, it’s normal for people to get curious about who you are and keep a tab on what you engage in. That’s the case for Choi Seokjun. He is the brother of Choi Yewon, popularly known for her acting and singer profession. We will discuss details we know about Choi Seokjun while focusing more on her celebrity sister.

Choi Seokjun – What We Know About Him

Choi Seokjun is the young brother of Choi Yewon, popularly known as Arin. Choi was born in 2001. His mother was born in 1974, and his father in 1972. His father is a banker. Most details about Choi Seokjun remain hidden. However, his sister is in the limelight for different reasons in the next section.

Choi Seokjun’s Sister

Choi Seokjun’s sister is Choi Yewon. She was born on June 18, 1999. His birth place is Busan, South Korea, and her horoscope is Gemini. She is 1.65 meters tall, and her ethnicity is Asian. However, her nationality is South Korean.

Choi Yewon is a professional actor and singer with brown hair and eye colors. Choi Yewon is a Christian. Regarding her education, she attended Seoul’s Dongduk Middle School, where she focused on Arts. Details about her secondary and primary education are not revealed.

Yewon is single and has not revealed any details about her relationship.

Choi Yewon’s Career

Choi Yewon goes by the stage name of Arin. She is a Korean actress and singer, and her debut in her career skyrocketed when she joined the k girl group named “Oh My Girl” on April 20, 2015.

Moreover, she made her solo appearance on April 21, 205, on SBS MTV’s “The Show.” On September 7, 2019, she appeared on “The Ultimate Watchlist 2,” and she participated in the Queendom in August 2019.

Regarding her career, she played a role in the web series “The World of My 17,” which premiered on March 10, 2020. Still, she appeared in the Netflix show called “Ghost Story 2.”

On March 5, 2020, she declared the brand model in the clothing company BYC for South Korea.

Popular Facts About Arin

She entered WM Entertainment in 2013 as a trainee and debuted as an “Oh My Girl” member in 2015. Arin has dreamed about being a singer since her elementary school days. Her hobbies include workout, selecting scented candles, nail art, and movies. Her role model is Bae Suzy.

Moreover, Arin loves spicy food, and she knows how to capture the attention of cameras when performing. Her favorite movie is “The Kissing Booth.” Still, she enjoys playing PUBG mobile. According to Arin, she has a calm personality, and she talks less. She enjoys her alone time and keeping her worries to herself.

Regarding awards, Choi Yewon has received different honours, such as the “Rising Star Award.” Moreover, she has received the “Best Couple Award” in the file named “Music Bank.”