Meet Michelle Rodriguez’s Mother: Carmen Milady Pared

Carmen Milady Pared is the mother of American actress Michelle Rodriguez. Most netizens were curious to know who was the mother of the famous actress and had been on the ladder of Carmen Milady Pared for some time. Carmen is a Dominican, and she was living in the US when her daughter Michelle was born, making her an American by birth. She relocated to the Dominican Republic after divorcing her husband.

Personal Life

Carmen Milady Pared is secretive, and she has stayed away from the spotlight. She has not revealed her birth date. Carmen Milady Pared married Rafael Rodriguez; however, they divorced in 1986 when Michelle was eight. Upon her divorce, Carmen moved to her native country, where she raised her children.

It is unclear if Carmen Milady Pared remarried after divorcing Rafael Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican who had served in the United States Army.

Her Daughter

Carmen’s daughter was a troubled teen; she attended several schools, and at least five schools expelled her due to her bad behavior. Due to the frequent expulsions, Michelle dropped out of school to start an acting career. However, years later, she did GED tests.

Carmen’s Daughter’s Acting Career

Michelle Rodriguez made her acting debut in 2000 after auditioning for the role of Diana Guzman in Girlfight. Carmen’s daughter became famous after her performance in the film; besides, she received several awards and nominations. In 2001, she starred as Letty in The Fast and the Furious.

Carmen’s daughter has appeared in several notable projects; she appeared in Resident Evil as Rain Ocampo. Michelle had minor roles in Blue Crash, Control, BloodRayne, The Breed, Gardens of the night, and Battle in Seattle. Carmen’s daughter provided the voice of Liz Ricarro in the anime series Immortal Grand Prix.

Michelle had different roles in the acclaimed television series Lost; she had a guest role in season one and was part of the main cast in season two. Carmen’s daughter had a leading role in the action film The Assignment. She has also appeared in music videos for Ja Rule’s Always on Time and Demi Lovato’s Confident.

Carmen’s daughter has received several accolades for her performances on various shows; she won a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2005 for her role in Lost.

Legal Issues

Carmen’s daughter has often been at crossroads with the law several times. Law enforcers arrested Michelle in 2002 for assaulting her roommate, but Court dropped the charges after the roommate failed to appear in Court. The following year, a law court charged her with eight cases, including hit and run. She spent two days in jail and did community service.

Carmen’s daughter has attributed her behavior to using steroids and alcohol. She has spent several days in jail for several offenses. In 2007, Court put her in an alcohol rehabilitation program which she never completed.

Carmen’s Daughter’s Net Worth

Michelle Rodriguez has added to her wealth through her acting career; she has been in the industry for twenty-two years. Carmen’s daughter’s net worth is 25 million dollars.