Carla Novinger, Personal Life and Net Worth

Carla Novinger is a successful acting coach from America who caught public attention for being the wife of American actor Bill Howey and the mother of Steve Howey. Owing to this fact, Carla Novinger enjoys the privilege of being a celebrity at the best.

Here, let us tell you all the details about Carla Novinger such as her parents, siblings, childhood, education, profession, age, love life, children, earnings, net worth, and other details.

Personal life

Born on 7th December 1950 in the USA, Carla Novinger is 72 years old American celebrity. The names of her parents remain a mystery to the public because Carla Novinger herself never revealed any details regarding that. Coming to the personal life of Carla Novinger, she is a happily married lady today. She got married to American actor Bill Howey in 1975. Soon, the couple will be celebrating 50 years of their togetherness.

Parents and siblings

Since Carla Novinger has not revealed any significant details about her family background, nothing is known about her parents as well as siblings. Let alone their professional and personal details, you will not even get their names.


It is needless to say that Carla Novinger has a happy married life. This marriage hasn’t given her only a bunch of happiness and marital bliss but also the joy of being a mother. Today, Carla Novinger is a proud mother of 3 successful children and their names are Bret Howey, Tammy Howey, and Steve Howey. Among all, Steve Howey is the most successful one, as he is a film star.

Education and profession

Nothing much is known about the educational background of Carla Novinger. According to some sources, she is a graduate of Cherry Creek High School in Englewood. She completed her high school at this school in 1968. Besides this, no information is available about the higher studies of Carla Novinger. As for her profession, you already know that Carla Novinger is an acting coach.

Reason for the popularity of Carla Novinger

Though Carla Novinger herself is active in the film industry and has gained significant professional success as well, the main reason for her popularity is her film star husband as well as her son. They both have achieved success in their respective careers and made their family members famous.

Net worth of Carla Novinger

Considering the fact that Carla Novinger is an acting coach by profession, it would not be wrong to say that she must have earned a good amount of money in her life. The exact number of net worth is not known though. If you talk about the net worth of her son, Steve Howey, he is estimated to have earned around 3 million so far. Apart from the son of Carla Novinger, her husband is also a millionaire man.


In general, professional success and personal happiness don’t go hand in hand but the case is not the same with Carla Novinger. She has gained huge professional success and her personal life is brimming with happiness too. She is definitely a fortunate lady.