Star Kid Life of Aidan McIntosh Hamilton

Aidan was born in the year 2003 on the day of September 13. In the year 2023, he’s 19 years old. Despite his young age, he has managed to grow as a figure skater and a choreographer.

In this post, we’ll learn everything about his star kid life, his personal life, career, & a lot more. Keep reading to learn about his insights.

Mom & Dad

He’s a proud son of Scott and Tracie Hamilton. Aidan followed his dad’s footsteps because Scott is also an American figure skater. While Scott has retired by now, he has bagged a gold medal in the Olympics. He was born in the year 1958 on the day of August 28. Scott has 4 kids from different ladies. Much detail about his relationship is still not the primary topic here right now.

Tracie, Aidan’s mom is a nutritionist, who got famous because of his son and husband. While Tracie has a famous celebrity background, she herself is doing a splendid job being a nutritionist. Helping people live a healthy life. Tracie had 2 kids with Scott and didn’t married another guy or had kids with other people.

Owning to Tracie’s clean and pure relationships, it’s quite safe to conclude that Aidan has a saint-like mom who’s free from extra marital affairs.


Aidan enjoys being a sibling to Maxx Hamilton, who’s a real brother of Aidan. Maxx hasn’t made it big in life, and is known after his brother and dad’s works. However that doesn’t mean that Maxx doesn’t lead a good life. He’s quite famous on social media including Instagram.

Other Family Members

Aidan is lucky to have a good family, where he has Steven Hamilton, who is his uncle (brother of Scott Hamilton). He also has an aunt Susan Hamilton who is Scott’s sister. Aidan got to enjoy his young life and childhood with his grandparents, who’re Ernest S. Hamilton and Dorothy Hamilton.

Net Worth

Let’s talk about the money figures. While Aidan is still young, he is a professional. So far, calculating his actual net worth has been a tricky task since the numbers are kept private from the world. It’s interesting to know that his retired dad’s net worth is estimated to be nearly 35 million US Dollars, though. That’s quite a lot of money for a sports person who has been in the Olympics, representing his country.

Career & Future Profession

Aidan hasn’t made it big, which means he still has to develop his career. But it’s quite clear that being a figure skater, being a kid of a professional figure skater, and being a choreographer means that he’s more likely to be a sports personal or a choreographer. Obviously, being a choreographer would earn him a lot of money, so people are still hoping that he’ll teach dance.

So far he has choreographed a few touring shows, which include Disney on Ice and Ice Follies. Ice Follies is a touring ice show where you can enjoy beautiful dancing on the ice with ice skates. Perhaps Aidan has managed to combine his figure skating with choreography, which is why he could choreograph in Ice Follies.


It’s safe to conclude that Aidan had a superb childhood and his hard work being a figure skater and choreographer is going to lay a perfect foundation for his upcoming professional life. He still has a lot to do and a lot to achieve in his life.